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God does not want His people to live in fear. He offers you a life of joy, confidence, contentment, stability, and fruitfulness. In short, He offers you abundant life.

This devotional will show you how.

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    What you get:

    A 7-Day Devotional with included Reflection Questions to help you rid fear, doubt, and insecurity and trust in the faithfulness of God.

    1. I am Your God
    2. My Peace I Give to You
    3. Trusting His Faithfulness
    4. Fighting Fear with Faith when You've Made Your Own Mess
    5. Receiving God's Work in You
    6. Being Perfected in Love
    7. Resting in His Presence

    What is it all about?

    God desires an abundant life for His people (John 10:10).

    This includes freedom from fear.


    Because as our Redeemer, Jesus reverses everything that sin and the curse have brought into our lives.

    He does not want you to walk in fear, but to be confident in His ability to protect, uphold, bless, establish, and vindicate you.

    Freedom from fear is a process.

    Particularly if you’ve made a habit of giving in to fear!

    Do not allow your fearfulness to make you shrink away from God in shame.

    Approach Him boldly in Christ, owning your weaknesses and inviting His help and enablement by His Spirit.

    He delights to rescue you and prove His unswerving faithfulness time and again!

    Never give up hope that you will be set free

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